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Family Law 2019 Conference

Thursday 24th January, London



9.25am Morning Sessions - Chaired by Suzanne Kingston, Partner, Withers

Litigation Funding in Financial Remedies Proceedings - what to look out for and why

George Williamson & Katie Alexiou, Level

Review of recent and upcoming financial remedy cases and what advice you

need to give clients,

Laura Heaton, 29 Bedford Row and Suzanne Kingston, Withers

Private Children law developments.

Mark Twomey QC, Coram Chambers


Trusts in Divorce,

Harry Oliver, 1KBW and Barbara Corbett, Corbett Le Quesne

- How can local courts help in the process?

- Court remedies to overcome trust problems (especially offshore jurisdictions)

- The position of trustees in divorce proceedings (info requests, giving evidence)

- Dealing with matrimonial orders (variations, sham, firewall findings, offshore trustees and enforcement)

Tricky areas in dealing with Family Farm Divorces,

Michael Glaser QC, Fourteen  & Caitlin Jenkins, Partner, Mills & Reeve

- Inherited wealth and how that is treated

- Understanding family farm business structures.

- Role of Trusts farming cases

- Proprietary estoppel 

- Recent cases


Developments in Spousal Maintenance (Q&A Session) with

Val Le Grice QC and James Riby, Charles Russell Speechlys

1pm Lunch (Message from the conference sponsor)


1.45pm Afternoon Sessions - Chaired by Elizabeth Hicks, Partner, BCLP

Tricky areas in company and property law the family lawyer needs to know.

- Present company excluded: Company law issues for the family lawyer (Mike Horton, Coram Chambers)

- Reap what you sow? – A farming and property update for the urban lawyer (Greg Williams, Coram Chambers)

Practical issues in dealing with “gaslighting”

- Key characteristics of gas lighting

- What to do if your client is a victim of gaslighting

- What to do if your client is accused of gaslighting

- What is the relevance of gaslighting within divorce

- Practical steps to help your client through this issue

Katherine Rayden, Rayden Solicitors


Dealing with the rise in elderly people divorcing,

Miranda Allardice, Five Stone Buildings and Fiona Wilson, Goodman Derrick

- Mental Capacity to marry and divorce

- Pre-nups for the elderly prior to a late marriage

- Provision for the surviving spouse on death

- Tax & Life interests

- Funding separate retirements

- Pension issues

- Releasing capital

- Duxbury v Ogden & ill health


Strategies  and practical application for ringfencing inherited wealth,

Tamasin Perkins and Nicola Thorpe, Charles Russell Speechlys

- Key structures to protect inherited wealth  

- Ring-fencing different type of assets

- What you need to ask the client

- Trusts: onshore and offshore, jurisdiction shopping to protect wealth, comparing firewall provisions in different jurisdictions

- Considering the bigger picture: other claims against trusts

-  Ways of attacking trusts on divorce: is the settlement nuptial?  Is it a resource of the marriage?

- Protecting assets from attack on divorce: how to create a settlement which is not nuptial, what to say in the pre-nup, limiting

  beneficial interests

5pm Close of conference



1.45pm Workshop = practical steps to anonymise your client in financial remedy cases.

Kate Wilson, One Brick Court.

Topic discussed -

- Why restrict? what are the compelling reasons why financial remedy proceedings should be heard behind closed doors or in open court?

- Current practice and guidance from the Family Court.

- Reporting restriction orders and a look at cases where reporting restrictions have been denied and ordered and reasons why. (Wyatt v Vince) (Luxembourg v Luxembourg)

- The unresolved impact of the Judicial Proceedings (Regulation of Reports) Act 1926

- Appeals, applications for anonymity, Norman v Norman (2017) and other decision.


3.30pm Workshop = Practical pre-nup and separation agreement drafting

Ella Calnan and Phillip Blatchly, Fourteen

Synposis -

Not all premartial agreements are created equal...  But what distinguishes a well-drafted prenup from a poor one?  The difference is critical, should a court ever have to consider the weight to attach to it.


Presented in a workshop-style, this seminar will equip practitioners to ensure their prenuptial contracts stand the best chance of determining (or at least influencing) the outcome of financial remedy proceedings.  We’ll look at an example of a defective, imprecise prenup and discuss what might be done to improve it.  We’ll also consider the present state of the jurisprudence on prenups in financial remedy proceedings, and discuss some drafting tips and traps arising.  


By the end of this session, you’ll have a better eye for distinguishing a decent prenuptial agreement from an inadequate one.  You’ll be more confident in drafting agreements tailored to your clients’ circumstances and needs, and which maximise the likelihood of the court attaching significant weight to them when making a final financial order.

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