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Repairing obligations and waiver of breach:

Practical implications and tactical considerations following the Court of Appeal decision in Forkner v Zas Ventures Ltd

Webinar, Monday 30th January, 1-2pm, London

£20 Single or £50 Company Licence - 1 Hour CPD

Waiver of breach of an obligation to repair is considered in the light of the recent Court of Appeal decision in Forkner together with the potential implications for both owners and occupiers.  

Forkner provides a useful and interesting illustration of what issues could arise in different contexts, such as forfeiture and renewal of business tenancies, and the potential tactical considerations for a tenant or licensee who is alleging waiver of past breaches.

Forkner v Zas Ventures Ltd [2016] EWCA Civ 1062; [2017] 1 P. & C.R. DG7

Presented by Anthony Katz, 36 Bedford Row

Anthony is a civil practitioner with particular emphasis on commercial disputes, property and landlord and tenant (business and residential). Anthony advises at all stages of litigation, from pre–action to costs and enforcement, and is praised for his ability to succeed on technical and nuanced points of law and his tactical approach to litigation.


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