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Restrictive Covenants on Freehold Land

March 2017

£20 Single Licence or £50 Company Licence

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Part One

Covenant is a contract -

Crucial distinctions

Where equity intervenes

Positive & negative covenants

Running of benefit at law

Section 78 LPA 25

Burden of a covenant at law (Tulk v Moxhay)

Scheme of development

Interpretation of restrictive covenants (Bryant Homes v Stein)

Consent; Typical covenants & Problems

Original covenantee or successor (dead or dissolved?)

Seymour Road v Williams

Reasonable grounds requires?

Every owner of the benefitted land?

What are the grounds of reasonable objection?

Part Two

Section 84 of the law of Property Act

Winkworth v Edward Baron Development Co Ltd

Equity refused to enforce restrictive covenants

Re: Lloyds Bank Ltd’s Application

Re Zenios [2011] EWCA Civ 645:

Stanborough’s Application [2012] JPL 756.

Re Clearwater Properties Ltd [2013] UKUT 210 (LC)

Re Surana’s Application [2016] UKUT 368 (LC)

Re University of Chester’s Application [2016] UKUT 457 (LC)

Presented by

David Holland QC, Landmark Chambers

Tom Weekes, Landmark Chambers


Runtime = 60 minutes

Recording file type = mp4

Presentation slides with notes.

CPD = 1 hour

Watching this webinar will help solicitors meet the following requirements set out in the Statement of Solicitor Competence

A2 - Maintain competence and legal knowledge

A4 - Draw on detailed knowledge/understanding