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Private Client Tax: New draft clauses and pre-April planning to deal with them - Webinar

Recorded 12th January - Runtime 90 minutes

Recording file = MP4

Supporting notes = pdf

Slide presentations = MS Power Point


Rory Mullan – 15 Old Square, Tax Chambers

Section 87 TCGA changes;

- Capital payments to non-residents

- Close family charge

- Onward gifts

- Rebasing, cleansing and planning implications

- EU law issues

Oliver Marre – 15 Old Square, Tax Chambers

Definition of deemed domicile; planning for protected trusts.

- Deemed donicile, Politics, Process

- Draft Clauses, IT/CGT applications, Conditions A/B, 15 year rule, definition of "foreign owned"

- Remittance basis amendments

- Pre-domicile planning and matters to think about

- Protectied Trusts

James Kessler QC – 15 Old Square, Tax Chambers

IHT on residential property: the new rules and what to do about them.

- Residence-value property

- Residence-value company

- Residence-value partnership

- Residence-loans

- De minimis rule and “indirectly attributable”

- Company/partnership liabilities

- Residence-proceeds

- Spouse and other exemptions

- Residence TAAR

- DT override

- Enforcement

- “Residential property interest”

- Valuation

- Commencement

- Planning: New purchase

- De-enveloping

- Methods of de-enveloping