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Card Payments

The Response to Tax Avoidance

Recorded 23rd November 2016

Presented by Etienne Wong & Setu Kamal, 15 Old Sqaure/Tax Chambers

Topics covered;


Halifax (Case C-255/02)

Economic Activity / Supply

Principle of Prohibiting Abusive Practices

Not Abuse and relevant cases

          - BUPA (Case C-419/02)

          - Weald Leasing (Case C-103/09)

          - RBS Deutschland (Case C-277/09)

          - WHA [2013] UKSC 24

Other recent cases

Brexit issues

Disguised Remuneration

New charge on oustanding disguised remuneration on loans

Recent Government announcements

Quasi Loans

Definition of "outstanding"

Meaning of "approved fixed term loan"

Dealing with the 2019 charge


Webinar Details

FIle type = mp4 (with MS Power Point Slides)

Runtime = 35 minutes

CPD = 1 Hour

Watching this webinar will help solicitors meet the following requirements set out in the Statement of Solicitor Competence

A2 - Maintain competence and legal knowledge

A4 - Draw on detailed knowledge/understanding