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Topics covered;

- The purpose of the requirement to correct provisions

     - What is relevant offshore tax non-compliance?

     - Defence that an assessment could not be made?

- Extension of time to assess underlaying tax

- The penalty

     - Asset based penalty

     - Moving assets to avoid reporting

     - Publishing details

- Assessment of the penalty

- The reasonable excuse defence

     - Meaning of reasonable excuse

     - Relying on advice

The Requirement to correct offshore tax non compliance

Webinar, recording scheduled for 11th June

Presented by Rory Mullan, Tax Chambers

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All our webinars are broadcast live and are recorded for future listening. Our webinars use a power point viewer and audio. No cameras are used. After each webinar, a link is emailed to attendees to download the webinar to you computer and replay as you wish with no time restrictions. Each live webinar is interactive and attendees are able to type questions during the presentation. Presentation materials are emailed to attendees before the start of each live webinar.


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