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2019 Family Law Webinar Updates

January - Finance Case Update - Recording date 15th January

Presented by Sophie Hill, Coram Chambers

Click here for the full agenda

April - Pensions

Presented by Matthew Richardson, Coram Chambers

Check out Matthew's background > Click here

2nd April - Finance Update

Presented by Christopher Miller, Fourteen

Check out Chris' background > Click here

February - Domestic Abuse Focus

Presented by Rachel Cooper, Coram Chambers

& Elizabeth Simos, Ketley Miller Joels

Check out the full agenda here

May - Finance Case Update

Presented by Simon Purkis, Pump Court Chambers

Check out Simon's background > Click here

July 1st - TOLATA Update

Presented by Mandy Tanner, Fourteen & Jonathan Chew, Wilberforce Chambers

Topics covered

- Know where your towel is (How to kick off a claim)

- Share and Enjoy (Sole name versus joint names cases)

- The babel fish (ADR and Part 36)

- Mostly harmless (Other applications that pair well with TLATA claims)

- So long and thanks for all the fish (Costs)

July 5th - Mid Year Children Update

Presented by Jack Rundall, Pump Court Chambers

4 Cases dealings with whether or not contact between a child and a father should be stopped:

(1) Re A (A Child -Appeal- Termination of contact) [2019] EWHC 132 (Fam)

(2) Re A [2019] EWHC 612 (Fam)

In both the above the court overturned earlier decisions on the basis that not enough had been done to attempt to promote a child’s relationship with his or her father. I will contrast those with:

(3) Re G (Children: Intractable Dispute) [2019] EWCA Civ 458

(4) PM v CF [2018] EWHC 2658 (Fam)

In both the above the court was persuaded that a father should be prevented from having any contact with his child.

I’ll then discuss (5) Re K (Children) EWCA Civ 184 and (6) Re A (Children: Fact Finding : Appeal [2019] EWCA Civ 74 which both discuss the circumstances in which findings of fact can be set aside.

Then I’ll cover (6) S v D (Hague Convention: Domestic Abuse: Undertakings: Return to Third State [2019] EWHC 56 (Fam) and Re C (Children)(Abduction: Article 13(b)) EWCA Civ 2834 which consider the test under article 13(b) of the Hague Convention for resisting the return of a child based on alleged risks of physical and psychological harm.

August - Summer Break

November - Finance Case Update

Presented by Chris Carr, 36 Family

Check out Chris' background > Click here

October - Spousal Maintenance Focus

Presented by Imogen Robins, Pump Court,

& Jennifer Williamson, Blake Morgan

Check out Imogen's background > Click here

Check our Jennifer's background > Click here

September - Finance Case Update

Presented by Paul Infield, 36 Family

16th September. 1-2pm Live, Check out Paul's background > Click here

December - Cohabitation Claims Focus

Presented by Helen Brander, Pump Court and

Sarah Jane Lenihan, Stowe Family Law

Check out Helen's background > Click here

Check out Sarah's background > Click here

January - Parental Alienation - Recording date 29th January

Presented by Jeremy Ford of Cambridge Family Law, Hannah Markham QC, 36 Family

& Alison Bushell of CFS

Click here for the full agenda

Our series of family law monthly webinars returns for 2019 with a host of new presenters and topics to guide you and colleagues through tricky subjects and to keep you updated in latest case law and advice for your clients.

Most of our webinars for 2019 will be pre-recorded and a download link is emailed one day after the recording date.

Two pricing options

Single licence for individuals or sole practitioners £99 for the entire series

Company licence for the whole team £149 for the entire series.

We use GoToMeeting to broadcast each webinar and MS One Drive to store recordings. Please make sure your IT systems are compatible with these services before booking.

10th April - Children Law Update

Presented by Kate Tompkins, 36 Family

Check out Kate's background > Click here

October - Children Law Update

Presented by Emily James, 36 Family

Check out Emily's background > Click here

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