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Drafting Nuptial Agreements

Thursday 23rd October - Bristol, 2pm - 5pm

Leeds, TBA


Not all premartial agreements are created equal...  But what distinguishes a well-drafted prenup from a poor one?  The difference is critical, should a court ever have to consider the weight to attach to it.


Presented in a workshop-style, this seminar will equip practitioners to ensure their prenuptial contracts stand the best chance of determining (or at least influencing) the outcome of financial remedy proceedings.  We’ll look at an example of a defective, imprecise prenup and discuss what might be done to improve it.  We’ll also consider the present state of the jurisprudence on prenups in financial remedy proceedings, and discuss some drafting tips and traps arising.  


By the end of this session, you’ll have a better eye for distinguishing a decent prenuptial agreement from an inadequate one.  You’ll be more confident in drafting agreements tailored to your clients’ circumstances and needs, and which maximise the likelihood of the court attaching significant weight to them when making a final financial order.

Presented by

Philip Blatchley and Ella Calnan of Fourteen.

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About our presenters

Both Chambers and Partners and The Legal 500 rank Phillip as a leading barrister in the field of matrimonial finance. They describe him as “having a brain like a calculator”, “being willing to take a judge on” and “experienced beyond his years and very persuasive in court”.  Phillip is a private client specialist. His practice focuses on resolving the financial consequences when relationships end, whether through separation, divorce or death.

“Ella is a wonderfully personable advocate, and clients have been impressed with her refreshingly unstuffy approach, but she is also an incisive tactician and a steely advocate who I would always want to have on my team. She is definitely one to watch, and has a bright future ahead.”

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