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Offshore Trusts in Divorce Proceedings

Recorded 14th March 2018

Runtime 90 minutes

Format mp4 file type with MS power point

Level - Intermediate/Update

Each webinar is £25 single or £50 company licence 

Presented by

Andrzej Bojarski, 36 Family and

Andreas Kistler, Samantha McFadzean and Louise Woolrich, Carey Olsen


- Relevance of offshore trusts in divorce

- Discretionary trust as a financial resource

- Nuptial settlement

- Variation of a nuptial settlement

- Disclosure: providing it and seeking it

- Key legislation in Jersey and England

- Issues for trustees

- Disclosure of information

- Joinder of trustees

- Submission to the jurisdiction

- Submission to the jurisdiction and disclosure of trust documents

- Enforcement & Enforcement - Article 9, TJL

- Enforcement of a foreign order

- Pension sharing

- Planning to avoid future difficulties

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