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Avoiding Negligent Pensions Advice & Claims


1 hour CPD (Runtime = 125 minutes)

Recording 22nd May (download from 23nd May)

Presented by

Grant Lazarus, 7 Harrington Street Chambers

- Trends in professional negligence claims in the conduct of an application for

  financial remedy

- Understanding the mechanics of a defined benefits occupational pension scheme

  and potential arising professional negligence claims

- Limitations and negligent advice

     - Loss

     - Breach of duty

- Defences

     - Limited retainer

     - Causation

- Will Courts refuse actuarial reports due to low CEVs?

- The value of the pension and the need for actuarial input

- Practical examples of failings in advice to offsetting

- Financial consequences to the wife

     - Use of the Ogden tables for calculating offset

CPD - 1 hour (SRA A2)

Recording format - mp4 with MS Power Point Slides.

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