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Family Law Spring 2018 Webinar Series

Dates and presenters (please be aware that recording dates may change due to court listings for our presenters).

Strategies and options to force an order for the sale of the family home -following the WS v HS 2018 case. Also, look at strategies to defend not selling the family home

Presented by Joe Switaliski (29 Bedford Row) and Anna Brown (Alexiou Fisher Philipps LLP)


May 18th 2-3pm

When can you use an expert for evidence on earning capacity and does Buehrlen v Buehrlen

2017 change that?

Presented by Lynsey Cade Davies (29 Bedford Row)


May 23rd 12.30 - 1.30pm

Setting Aside Financial orders

Helen Jefferson (1 Garden Court)


June 12th

Examining Kerman and Akhmedova; the Court’s power to compel third parties to give evidence concerning the whereabouts of assets.

Presented by Matthew Brunsdon-Tully, 1 Hare Court


Recording  21st June - Download available on 22nd

Dealing with parental alienation

Presented by Zoe Fleetwood (Dawson Cornwell) & George Harley (36 Family)


Recording  21st June - Download available on 22nd

Defending parents who have child contact restrictions and strategies to overturn decisions

Laura Briggs (1 Garden Court)


Subcription Costs

Company Licences Explained (£99)

Designed for law firms with more than three practitioners. Each practitioner can login from their own workstations or from home for either the live broadcast or recording.

Single Licences Explained (£80)

Designed for firms with two or fewer practitioners. As above, you have the option to watch live or watch the recording.

Most broadcasts will be accopmanied by power point slides or written notes.

For 2018, we have switched to using the Google Hangouts product. Please check our "tech" page for compatibility with your IT systems.

What happens after you register?

We send an invite by email via the Google Meet software which broadcasts the live webinar. The invite needs to be accepted if you would like to view the live webinar.

Any presentation materials will be emailed before the start of each live broadcast

If you are unable to attend the live broadcast, a download link is emailed one working day later to access the recorded version.

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