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Validity of Marriage

90 minute webinar recording, 2nd May 2019

Just £30 per download

During this webinar, presenters will guide you through various legal concepts and practical application regarding validity of marriages.

- The case of Akhter v Khan [2018] EWFC 54

- What is a valid marriage in English Law?

- The common law presumptions of marriage

- What is a void marriage in English Law?

- Void Marriage vs Non-marriage / Invalid Marriage

- Has the law changed?

- What is a customary marriage?

- How do disputes arise?

- Lex Loci Contractus

- Collaboration

- Markers of consent

- Customary Marriages conducted abroad

- Presumption of Marraige

- Alfonso-Brown v Milwood [2006] EWHC 642

- N v D (Customary Marriage) [2015] EWFC 28

- O v B (Customary Marriage) [2018]

- Proceedings - Practice points

- Declarations as to marital status

- Voidable Marriages

Presented by

Andrzej Bojarski, 36 Family

George Harley, 36 Family

Rebecca Rothwell, 36 Family

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