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Webinar Details

FIle type = mp4 (with PFD Slides)

Runtime = 90 minutes

CPD = 1.5 Hour

SDLT & VAT Update 2017

Webinar, Recorded 13th September

Presented by Patrick Cannon, Philip Simpson QC and Etienne Wong of 15 Old Square/Tax Chambers

Whats covered;


- When can you get a clousre notice? Frosh v HMRC 2017

- SDLT Followe Notices, APNs and Crest Nicholson

- Is there a gap in the 3% additional rate of SDLT?


- Draft legislation

- A look at everyday transaction

- Is DOTAS: VAT relevant?

- Notifiable Arrangements Regulations

- VAT Advantage

- Excluded Arrangements

- Who notfies?

- Who is and who is not a promoter?

- Where does DOTAS: VAT leave VADR?

VAT, Online sales and vouchers

- Online transactions

- Issues with supply

- Prepayments

- Vouchers and VAT.

- UK Law relating to vouchers

- Findmypast case


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